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R Soap III Polished Aluminum Cleaner

R Soap III Polished Aluminum Cleaner

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R Soap III - Polished Aluminum Cleaner

R Soap III was designed to be effective in cleaning polished aluminum and stainless surfaces. This is also effective in cleaning dark color vehicles/fleets and will reduce spotting. With the built in wax, you'll leave a polished the finish!

Safe on passenger cars and SUVs, non-hazardous. Polished aluminum safe. This is a brush on soap, very sudsy. It is not an effective 2 step neutralizer. Cleans dirt, grime, and grease while leaving behind a shine. 

This comes in a 5 Gallon container, 28 lbs. of powdered detergent to mix as strong or light as you need. 

Mixing Instructions:

Brush on / hand detailing - 1/2 lb. per 5 gallons of water. 

Direct applications: 1 lb. per 50 gallons of water. 

Liquid Concentrate:  1 lb. per gallon of water. Dilute 3/4 lb. per gallon and apply at a 70:1 ratio. 

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