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The R Washers brand started in 2014. With 2 power washing generations, starting in 1983, R Washers was created as an industrial pressure washer manufacturing company and then grew into specialized chemical blending for the power washing industry. 

The chemicals that we make have come from the demand of our customers, exclusively designed to meet their needs in the field. R Soaps are manufactured by our experience, our field use and clients in mind.

The R Washer pressure washer was designed and manufactured entirely in Kemah, TX. We have innovated our designs over the years of extensive field use and customer feedback. R Washer pressure washers are built with durability, quality, easy maintenance, and compact designs to meet the demands of the industrial market. USA manufactured and assembled. 

See one of our of new patented designs here, The Self Aligning Poly Chain System

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Fred & Marco Ramonda - began his journey in the pressure washer industry in 1983 in Baytown Texas and worked as a mechanic and pressure washer fabricator. In June of 2016 Fred and Marco opened their first store in Kemah and began to service customers who needed repairs and service on their pressure washer equipment. In August of 2018 Fred and Marco opened Washmart.com and began to sell their products they used in the field and carried in their store on a national level. In December of 2018 R Washers relocated to their present store location and expanded into providing hot water rental pressure washers in conjunction with the services previously provided.

Pressure Washers since 1983

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