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General Pump

General Pump Packings / Water Seal Kits

General Pump Packings / Water Seal Kits

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These are the water seal kits (also known as "packings") we carry for General Pump.  The underlined pumps are the more common pumps.

Kit 170 fits TSF2019 and TSF2021

Kit 69 fits TS1021 TSS1511 TS1041 TS1531 TS1011 TSS1021 TS1511 TS1811 T1011 T1021 TS1711 T9211 TS2011-N TS2021-N TS1331 TS1711 T9211-N 

Kit 109 fits T5050 T9281 

Kit 153 fits EZ4040G34 EZ4030G34 EZ4035G 

Kit 180 fits TSP1819 and TSP1821

Kit 172 fits TSF2221

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