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Comet Check Valves

Comet Check Valves

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Valve Kit LW ZW FW HW SW 

Comet Part # 5025.0011.00 fits most ZWD series including ZWD4040 RW4040 RWS4040

Valve Kit FW2 HWS RW High Flow 5+ GPM Comet Part # 5025.0025.00 fits RWS5535

Valve Kit TW Series up to 3600 PSI Comet Part # 5025.0020.00 fits TWS8035 TW8036

Valve Kit TW Series 4000+ PSI Comet Part # 5025.0021.00 fits TWS5550 and TWS7040

Valve Kit TW Series 7000 PSI Comet Part # 5025.0050.00 fits TWS4070 TWS4570

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