Collection: Downstream Injectors & Kits

Apply soaps and detergents with a downstream chemical injector from

Our selection includes fixed injectors, The WashMart Injector, and injector by pass kits. Downstreaming is an effective way of applying chemicals. 

How far will a downstream injector pull? Generally you're safe with up to 200' of hose with any standard injector. If you need a higher draw rate, we recommend The WashMart Injector. 

How much does a downstream injector dilute? We offer the fixed injectors, these pull a rate of 20:1 (20 parts water to 1 part chemical) This ratio works well in most situations however, if you're needing a higher draw rate, we recommend using the X-Jet or The WashMart Injector. The X-Jet can pull almost 1:1, and The WashMart Injector pulls about 30-40% more soap than a standard injector, depending on your pressure washers GPM. The lower the GPM, the higher the chemical ratio.

How long do downstream injectors last? It depends on what soaps you're using and how often you're using them. You can expect the standard injectors to last 2-3 months. The WashMart Injector gets 6 months to a year. 

Downstream Injectors for Pressure Washing Pump