Soap List / Part IV Multi Surface and Maintenance Cleanings

Soap List / Part IV Multi Surface and Maintenance Cleanings

R Soap IV - Multi Surface Cleaner

R Soap IV is a high performance multi surface cleaner that is a lye free solution, ideal for anyone wanting to reduce cleaning time between maintenance cleanings. R Soap IV is safe on painted, non painted surfaces, and glass. Originally designed for concrete cleaning in apartment complexes, we’ve found this product also works great on restaurant cleaning, shopping centers, grease, wood cleaning, organic stain removal, gutter brightening and more.

We noticed a demand with apartment complexes. They frequently need grease removed but using a sodium hydroxide based degreaser is not the safest and even when  you think you’ve rinsed everything, there is still residual hydroxide on the concrete that builds up overtime. I started making this because I’ve had customers that do large apartment complexes, colleges and schools where they do not want sodium hydroxide based products used. They only want something that is biodegradable and sodium hydroxide does not fall under that guideline, so we had to come up with a different product that is able to do the degreasing.  

Now, I’m not going to say that it decreases as well as R Soap II, because of the absence of hydroxide, but this is still an effective degreaser and can do the work that needs to be done like a standard degreaser. You will need to use a little more of it and give it a longer dwell time, you won’t yield as quick results as you do with the sodium hydroxide based cleaners which can yield results in up to 30 seconds! Because people are dragging their trash bags and leaving grease all over the concrete, apartment complexes need to be degreased.  You can use hot water but in a lot of instances, people don’t have hot water, and they only have cold.  You’re not going to be able to get the grease entirely out with cold water.

Another thing that this can be used for now that I think about it is, gutter brightening. It can remove the black streaks from gutters that have aluminum oxide without damaging everything underneath. Like other chemicals that remove tiger stripes,  if you’re not careful with it and/or  you use it too strongly or let it dry, you risk causing the paint to come off or cause the paint to chip so, you do have to be mindful when applying this and do not apply it straight.

Mixing Instructions 

Maintenance Concrete Cleaning 10:1

Apartment Complexes 10:1

Restaurants 10:1

Shopping Centers 10:1

Grease stains 3:1

Wood Cleaning 10:1

Organic Stain Removal 2:1

Gutter Brightening (Tiger Stripes) 20:1

Tire Marks 3:1

Cost Advantages

If you’re going downstream on concrete you can do a 10 to 1 ratio, using the drum kit,  the cost per 1 gallon of concentrate is going to be approximately $8,  and then downstream 10:1 breaking your cost down to basically be $0.80 per gallon of soap.

R Soap IV - 55 Gallon Drum Kit Mixing Instructions 

We recommend having a 55 gallon or larger container with a lid large enough to be able to stir with a paddle. 

  1. Pour your first pail, the powdered contents, in a container. Fill halfway with water and then stir the powdered contents until dissolved.

  1. Pour the liquid contents in, stir, and fill the rest of the way with water.

Also note R Soap IV does also have leavening agents and penetrants like R Soap II. That is a characteristic that they both have. R Soap IV is designed to give someone an environmentally friendly alternative to sodium hydroxide.

Before & After Photos

Photos courtesy of Brandon Brock with Ideal Surface Cleaning. This is a before and after with using R Soap IV, cleaning a parking garage for the Marriott. This is the back entrance to a restaurant with lots of food and grease.


Photo Credit Gene Beck -  North Star Pressure Washing

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