Pressure Washer Unloaders

Pressure Washer Unloaders

What is the difference between a flow actuated unloader and a pressure actuated unloader? How to chose the right unloader. Watch our YouTube video and hear what Marco Ramonda uses in the field for pressure washing. 

Pressure Washer Unloaders

Learn How to adjust a pressure washer unloader with Marco Ramonda at Marco explains the proper way to adjust an unloader. 

Proper Way To Adjust Your Unloader

You'll always need to know your GPM and PSI that your machine is designed to run along with a pressure gauge

The correct was to adjust your pressure on your pressure washer is by using a nozzle chart. Watch this quick video to learn more on using the nozzle chart. The unloader valve is designed to allow water to bypass through the pump when the trigger is not engaged. If you turn the unloader to reduce the pressure, you reduce your flow and reduce your cleaning power. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should! Adjust your unloader valve often can also cause it to fail earlier and more often than normal. 

 We created another video to help with basic plumbing for your unloader on a cold water pressure washer. Basic Unloader Plumbing Video

 Here's an education video on unloader valve issues from Fred Ramonda.

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