Grand Opening - Free Fleet Wash Training

Grand Opening - Free Fleet Wash Training

WashMart will be having a grand opening of our new location at 2203 Anders Ln. Kemah, TX.
To celebrate, we'll be offering free training, equipment demos, and an opportunity to get hands on training with a real fleet.

Day 1
0800 Meet and Greet
Show up for the event and network, donuts and kolaches will be provided. We will also give a tour of the store during this time.
0900 Field Maintenance with Marco Ramonda 
We will cover how to adjust an unloader valve and properly set the pressure on your power washer. Marco will go over necessary parts needed in the field so a technician doesn’t get stranded and can perform quick fixes on the power washer.
1000 Fleet Washing Practices with Kendra McCreary
(a 25 year veteran and first person in the industry to write a Structured BMP for the National Association PWNA. Kendra covers different types of equipment and MS4 drainage.
1100 Insurance information with Brandy Hoover.
Brandy is a well-versed insurance provider who has been providing R Washers (Washmart) with their insurance. She is going to go over what insurances may be most relevant to you. Brandy will also go over things to look out for when purchasing a policy for your business and why you need workers compensation.
1130-1300 Lunch
We will break for lunch. The training team will be going to Hoagie Ranch for lunch (226 Marina Bay Drive Kemah TX 77565).
1300 Fleet Washing training with Chad Reiffer.
Chad is with Hydro-Chem, a fleet washing company based out of Michigan. He will go over the science of fleet washing and the different methods of cleaning. He will go over many of the different types of chemicals used in the industry and what type of PPE we need to be using to protect ourselves from the chemicals we use. Chad will also cover 2 step practices that are used in our industry.
1430 Connecting The Dots With Marco Ramonda, owner of R Washers,, Texas Commercial Wash, and Neighborhood Grime Watch.
This class will be a marketing course that goes over “your 5-mile radius” and how it will connect you to the world of business. This class is intended to improve problem solving skills related to sales and marketing. Marco will also cover TWIC cards and the value they possess for a cleaning business.
15:45 Q&A
Day 2
0700-0900 Hands-on training with Marco Ramonda, Bob Gruetzmacher with Nilfisk and Luther Barnes with Texas Commercial Wash.
We will have 3 different fleet washing systems operating.
1: Basic fleet washing system with electric reels and utilizing a downstream injector. Luther Barnes will cover our brushless 1 step washing method, the difference between hot and cold water washing along with the difference between detailing and fleet washing. Primarily R Soap 1 and R Lumina will be used at this station.
2: Fleet washing with a hot water Pressure Pro Magnum system operating in conjunction with a Hydrotek vacuum system with Bob Gruetzmacher. Bob works for the parent company of Hydrotek and Pressure Pro and will be going over how the equipment works and simple troubleshooting. Bob will cover relocating wastewater, and why we do this. No soaps will be used at this station.
3: The third station will be with a 5000 at 5.5 GPM hot water diesel using upstream injection with Marco Ramonda. Upstream injection is an art that is not well known, but extremely effective for industrial cleaning. With some soaps, upstream injection can also be a brushless truck wash method. R Soap 2 and R Soap 3 will be the soap used at this station. If time allows, we will also demonstrate a foamer, and where they are useful. Marco will demonstrate a dual lance and their purpose.
0900 Government and commercial contracts with James Dunbar.
James will be going over acquiring and retaining these types of clients. James has 10 years' experience in this field.
1000 Tank installation Do’s and Don’ts with Chrys Espinoza.
Chrys has extensive history in the tank industry. He will go over what you can and cannot do with your tanks. Chrys will cover plastic welding and what tools are necessary to perform plastic welding.
1100 SEO with David Alcorn -
David is the owner of Nerds2Go Kemah. He will go over web design and optimization to help you with your business website.
1130-1300 Lunch
Brick Oven 903 FM 518
1300 Taxes with Amos Sowell. Amos has been an accountant for over 35 years and will be covering expenses that you should be tracking. Amos will also cover items that are not tax write-offs, which is a mistake many companies make when “assuming” something can be written off.
1400 Luther Barnes - Mobile Detailing 101
1500 Linkedin Training with Marco Ramonda.
Marco has been using Linkedin for acquiring clients since 2015. This platform has helped put in the position it is in today. It is a marketing tool that is underutilized (or utilized incorrectly) and has little training available to the public. This class can go anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, depending on how long the class wants to learn about marketing.
Please note that we will not have any electric machines running at this event. The burner class has had a cancellation, we are sorry for the inconvenience.


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