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R Lumina II Aluminum Brightener

R Lumina II Aluminum Brightener

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R LUMINA II - Hydrofluoric Acid

R Lumina II is designed for more experienced fleet washers for a brush free wash. Brighten aluminum, particulate matter from road surface accumulation and break down rust, road dust, and grime. 

This can be used as your step one for two step washing. We recommend R Soap II for your second step to neutralize the acid. 

Mixing Instructions:

Strongest: 1:1

Medium: 3:1

Light: 10:1

Do not let dwell longer than 30 seconds. 

How we 2 Step Trucks:

We don't have a 2 step system/equipment so I do as much as my aluminum brightening at night. I will aluminum brighten 5 trucks at a time, and then I'll have a second person go behind me and spray R Soap II, as they're finishing up, I'm going back behind them rinsing. 

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